Despite there being an ever-increasing need for a reputable, reliable, professional resource to evaluate and purchase Estate Inheritances containing gold & silver jewelry, bullion & valuable Coin Collections (including coins with a numismatic value), most Executors are at a loss to identify such a crucial resource when the need arises. Executors don’t feel confident taking their valuable coin & bullion collections to seedy pawn shops or gold-buying storefronts paying pennies on the dollar who possess no reliable education, background information or critical experience dealing with coin rarities that may have even been slabbed & graded by a professional grading service (like PCGS or NGC) so their valuations can be more easily ascertained. In fact, pawn shops & gold buying storefronts wouldn’t even know where to begin to determine a fair market value for your inherited Estate jewelry & coin collection (though they would most certainly make you an offer that would be an insult to your coin collection’s actual value).

The Gold Hunter offers such a service that will catalogue, organize, evaluate & purchase your inherited Estate’s coin collection assets. As an Executor or beneficiary, you can rest assured that The Gold Hunter’s decades of knowledgeable, professional experience dealing with the intricacies of valuable coin collections & fine jewelry will be at your command & in the service of your best interests to remove any doubts about the true worth & value of your Estate collections (whether jewelry or coins).

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