His name is Michael and he’s an all-around good guy. He’s the kind of guy you can have a beer with or sit next to in church. He’s a Denver native who frequents and supports some of the same local businesses as you. His roots are firmly established in Colorado and he holds himself accountable to his family, his Specialists, his neighbors, and you.

Michael firmly believes in treating every client with generosity, dignity and fairness. His business philosophy reflects his personal philosophy of treating others as he would want to be treated – you know, the good old-fashioned GOLDEN RULE.


I have been a jeweler since 1985, working in the retail management, wholesale and insurance replacement sides of the jewelry industry. I have purchased jewelry from my customers from the start of my career as a daily matter of practice. I have extensive training in all aspects of the jewelry trade, including Gemological Institute of America course completions.


Our Specialists are thoroughly trained to Michael's standards to serve you to the highest degree. Michael and Tom will treat you with dignity and give your unique situation the respect it deserves. Precious metals valuations may be a science, but delivering a comfortable customer experience is an art. You can expect excellence in both areas from the first contact to the final cash purchase. One-half of our new clientele come from referrals from our satisfied clients (an unbelievable statistic in this industry). Pawn shops and gold-buying storefronts receive very few referrals. Why? They lack the expertise and care that it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience with a high cash value payout like Michael and Tom achieve.


At The Gold Hunter, we want to build lasting relationships with our clients and with the people in their circle of influence. To encourage these long-lasting relationships, you will receive a 5% referral fee for anyone you refer to us!
For example, when you refer someone to us and they sell $1000 in jewelry to us, YOU WILL RECEIVE $50. When your referral results in a $2000 purchase, we will pay you $100.
Full transparency: the 5% dollar amount comes from our profit, not from your friends’ or loved ones’ portion of the transaction. Why should your friends be penalized because you referred them to us? Simply put, that would be unfair. Remember – we operate by The Golden Rule!
* Coins are excluded from the 5% referral fee because our margins are so slim. However, we will pay you a fair and appropriate fee for any coin clients you refer to us. It’s the right thing to do.

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